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How can I protect my idea when talking to Rota Design?

Firstly, please see our section regarding confidentiality - click here.

How can I protect my idea in the future?

Whilst talking to Rota Design you are protected by a formal or informal non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement.

You are protected by copyright provided you have not stolen the idea or design from someone else! You may also register your design which would provide an improved level of protection.

However, if your idea has an original and/or innovative solution to a problem you are probably eligible to register a patent.

What is a patent?

Fundamentally, a patent allows exclusive rights to be granted by the government to a person for a fixed period of time. In exchange, you are required to disclose certain details about your invention.

Be aware of the scope of a patent i.e. consider if you require UK, European or Worldwide Patent rights.

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