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I once attended a lecture given by a gnarled old university professor on the subject of the environment and he started by stating, “Pollution is created each time money changes hands” so I suppose by definition that makes the bankers the biggest polluters on the planet! There is just so much hype and nonsense written these days about saving the planet. The fact is that the planet will still be here when we have exhausted all its resources and polluted the environment completely, it’s simply the reality that man seems incapable of comprehending.

The fact is that all you moulders out there will ultimately be sitting around on an acidic cloud, chatting away about the good old days and how you had wished that the rotational moulding industry could have been less energy intensive and wasteful. Lets face it, we belong to an industry which is up just behind the bankers. Our raw material is created from cracking crude oil, our energy input just heats the birds, we waste even more energy to cool the product and then we load it to transport and ship mostly air.

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