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Rota Design is passionate about ensuring that it's clients achieve tangible business advantage via product and rotational moulding design. We continually strive to ensure our designs deliver excellent return on investment for our clients. Our design engineers consider the following parameters in design of rotationally moulded components.

mould design and product removal

A critical consideration in rotational moulding design is how the component will be released from the mould. Commonly we design a two piece mould which provides a cost effective and less problematic solution than multiple part moulds. Any deterioration in the manner in which the mould closes could allow gaps and consequential flashing. Flashing has to be manually removed thus adding labour cost. It is common to see a mould deteriorate due to poor design, inappropriate manufacture, misuse and/or poor maintenance.

A number of solutions to ensure continued accurate alignment between the moulds are possible. The most common are flat mating surfaces using steel dowels or keys to provide correct registration. Dowel holes wear after prolonged usage and mating faces deteriorate through inappropriate operator cleaning procedures or from distortion caused by inherent thermal or mechanical stresses.

A more expensive solution is to provide a continuous profile for example, similar to a woodworking tongue and groove used for containment and alignment. Deterioration of the moulds may be minimised through avoidance of parting lines at corners, especially where the line is in vertical orientation. Add small radii to mask the line.

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