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some advantages of the FEA approach
The FEA model showing a simple mesh over the 3D CAD model geometry.

Designs maybe optimised progressively to obtain the best characteristics. For example strength and rigidity are normal design requirements for a machine base whereas, flexibility is necessary for the safe function of an aircraft wing. FEA allows the design materials to assessed under simulated load conditions.

An extremely valuable advantage FEA provides us with is the ability to undertake sensibility analysis studies once the initial model has been imported and the load cases set up. Varying parameters such as its material characteristics or its wall thickness is relatively quick to set up and then re-run the anlaysis. Sets of conditions and parameters may be set up and the studies batched together and run overnight to save processing time and cost. It permits us to set up "what-if" scenarios to analyse differing load or design configurations.

A further important use for FEA is that existing designs may be analysed to provide useful data which can be used as a benchmark to measure design improvements against. New designs may then be verified to ensure correct material and/or dimensions to withstand the applied loads and these may be compared to a predefined factor of safety.

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